cats know the sunny spots live by the sword die by the sword nature i want summer book collector gentle spirit dykes only don't like it? X

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yippeee :)


January 18 2024. Added Cal's website to my list of friends :). Updated About page.

July 19 2023. Fixed some broken links. Added CONVERSATION PIT page (A CHATBOX!!!!!!).

July 18 2023. Added Barbie page.

July 17 2023. Updated the Bird List.

July 16 2023. Added About page, Nature page, and Journal page. Added "Under Construction" GIFs to every work-in-progress page.

July 15 2023. Created website. Added navigation bar, background image, cursors, blinkies, favicon, Home page, Lists page, Bird List page, List of Friends page, Bookshelf page, and Guestbook.

under construction